Theatrical Creme Kit



Theatrical Creme Kits come overflowing with a full supply of professional tools and products for theatrical, performance, and film makeup. These products include a range of our smooth and highly pigmented classic creme foundations, rich contour, blush, and highlight colors, flexible nose & scar wax, aging hair color, versatile liquid latex, and various creme colors and more. 

This kit enables performers, students, or anyone wanting to acquire a versatile collection of high-quality performance grade makeup to portray a broad spectrum of characters. Seven skin tone specific kits are available in a range of fair, light, olive, and brown skin tones.


Utilize the range of creme foundations in each kit to create a full coverage and smooth base for any stage or theatrical production. Accent cheekbones with contour and blush cremes, and apply creme highlight to the peaks of the face. Shape the lips with the Lip Pencil and apply the creme Lip Color on top. Utilize the creme colors, and eyebrow pencil to provide structure to the eye area. 

Create aging effects by utilizing the highlight and contour cremes, and by combing the Hair Color through the hair with a mascara wand. Provide special effects to character makeups with the creme Bruise and Abrasion Wheel, and Dark Blood. Set creme colors with the powder provided.

Pair With

To make sure your makeup designs make it through any production, use Final Seal setting spray as the final step of your makeup process. For a selection of eye and cheek colors that complement the range of creme colors in the Theatrical Creme Kits, pair this kit with the Classy Chic Eye and Cheek Studio Color Palette.


Please refer to respective product pages to see product ingredients.

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