Define the eyes with brilliant liners and shadows for any style of makeup desired. Achieve natural makeup looks with our softer tones and utilize highly contrasting shades and shimmer colors for elevated drama.

Our Eye Shadows offer maximum performance for professional makeup applications. The soft texture of the eye shadows allows for them to blend together without resistance and makes creating custom makeup looks a breeze.
For extra sparkle, use our Pearl Sheen shimmer shadows for dazzling jewel tones that provide luster and brilliance wherever applied. 

Lining the eyes is perhaps the most defining aspect of a makeup design, and we offer a versatile range of tools necessary to accomplish the job. Pencil liners, shimmer crayons, creme eye definers, liquid, and precision liners make any eye possible.

Our classic formula of our Creme Eye Definer is still in use today, serving as a soft creme eyeliner, or a base for our eyeshadows for ultimate glamour.
Precision Eye Liners have become artists’ top choice for creating graphic eye designs, as the durable felt tip allows for clean lines on every application.