Where can I buy Ben Nye Products?

Ben Nye products can be purchased from authorized retailers around the world. Visit our Store Locator to find a dealer or contact us!  Not every dealer is listed on our locator map.

While we do establish MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail prices) in the U.S., each dealer is free to set their own pricing. Additionally, international dealer prices will vary from country to country.

Ben Nye is a wholesale manufacturer. We do not sell directly to individuals or organizations. Please visit an authorized dealer!

Most Ben Nye products sold online are legitimate, though there are grey-market sellers and counterfeit products in the market as well. We prohibit the sale of our products through third party marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Alibaba, just to name a few. Retailers listed on our Store Locator are authorized dealers, though not every authorized dealer is listed.
If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of a seller, please contact us.

Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priority. We encourage you to buy with confidence from an authorized dealer to ensure you are buying genuine Ben Nye. If you have concerns about a product, please email a photo of the product packaging, front and back, along with the batch code label.
Note that we do not warrant or guarantee products purchased from illegitimate sources.

We manufacture the vast majority of our products on site in Los Angeles, California. Select products, such as pencils and crayons, are formulated and manufactured for us by private laboratories.

Ben Nye is an independent and cruelty free company. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals. No third party tests on animals on our behalf and our suppliers do not test on animals. Ben Nye does not sell our makeup to markets that require animal testing by law, which includes Mainland China.

Much of our product line is vegan. Some of our products do contain ingredients of animal origin, such as beeswax and carmine. These PDF’s categorize our vegan and non-vegan products.
To get the most detailed information on specific products, refer to the Ingredients tab on each product page.

Nearly all Ben Nye products are free of gluten. Some pencils and crayons in our line do contain ingredients such as hydrogenated vegetable oil, which may or may not be derived from grains containing gluten protein.
Because our raw material vendors and their manufacturing processes may change, we suggest checking specific products of interest. We welcome your request by email (SDS@bennye.com) if you need more information.
Celiac health specialists advise that gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin and “Gluten-containing skin care products and cosmetics aren’t a problem unless you accidentally swallow them” (mayoclinic.org). Caution should be used with lip products containing grain-derived ingredients, and avoid applying makeup on skin with open sores. It is always recommended to check with your health care professional if you have any concerns.

Yes, all talc used in our products is free of asbestos. Our supplier provides certification to confirm the talc does not contain asbestos or asbestiform minerals as verified by an independent laboratory.

Not all dealers carry our entire product line. Check dealer websites or call to see if they have what you are looking for. If not, you can ask them to order the product of interest for you.

It is important to use preservatives to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination. Naturally-derived ingredients in our products require preservatives to maintain stability and shelf-life. Preservatives help ensure our products do not present any health risk from contamination by harmful microorganisms.

The useful lifetime range varies from product to product and begins after it is opened for the first time. The PAO (period after opening) open jar symbol indicates the minimum time period in months (eg. 18M) of a product’s expected life when stored in stable conditions. Stable conditions include storing in moderate temperatures and practicing good product hygiene.
Shelf life can be prolonged by keeping products clean, dry, hygienically safe and stored properly. For example, use a spatula to remove creme makeup onto a palette before application, maintain clean brushes and tools, never use fingers directly in containers, and keep products tightly capped and stored in moderate temperatures (above freezing, below 75°F/24°C) while not in use.

Please send your request via email to SDS@bennye.com or contact Customer Service by telephone.

No, Ben Nye products are designed for professional artists and those who want professional results. Our makeup was born out of the film industry and has grown to cover all aspects of makeup including everyday wear.

Yes! Nearly all colors found in our palettes are available individually, both as palette Refills (if applicable) and/or full-size products.

A primary exception to this is Alcohol-Activated Colors. There are no refills available unfortunately.   

Many of our core products have been manufactured for decades and remain useful staples today. Everyone has a favorite makeup product and we apologize if you’re not able to find your favorite. Occasionally, we have to discontinue products in order to make room for new offerings. To find out the status of a product, please contact us.

You can view the PDF here. Request a print version by emailing or calling us.

Sorry, we do not have a PR List and do not accept submissions for PR packages.

As a manufacturer, we support our authorized dealer network and rely on their expertise to service you. We take a holistic approach in accepting new retailers through an application process.
Potential dealers must operate from a brick and mortar, retail store and maintain standard business hours open to the public.
We do not allow our wholesale partners to sell online only.

Send an email stating your interest to info@bennye.com. Include your contact details, business name, store address and relevant web links.

If you have more questions, please visit our Contact page.
Our phone number is 310-839-1984 and you can email us at info@bennye.com.