Tattoo Cover Alcohol Palette (AAP-21)


The alcohol-activated Tattoo Cover Palette consists of five highly durable shades useful for covering tattoos. These waterproof concealers won’t budge after drying, allowing for foundations to be blended effortlessly over it. 

Thoroughly hydrate these shades with 99% alcohol to activate. This palette goes great in a set bag and is a beneficial resource for Bridal, Film, TV, Glamour, and Cosplay Makeup Artists. 

6gm./0.2 oz. – Expect 10-20 applications per shade.


Activate the dry pigments in each cell with 99% alcohol. This can be done by adding alcohol directly into the color cell or wetting a brush with it.
The color density achieved is a combination of the amount of alcohol used and the amount of time it is spent activating. More opaque colors will be created with less alcohol and longer time, while sheer colors will be done with more alcohol and shorter activation time.  

Apply colors to the skin with a brush or sponge. Colors should be built up in thin layers. 

Flicking droplets of multiple skin tone shades on with a hard bristled brush can build up natural looking coverage. You can also apply a similar skin tone shade before applying a foundation or concealer that’s an exact match.
The Rose Adjuster shade can be used as a first layer to neutralize the color of the tattoo.
For more in-depth information, read our Tattoo Cover Guide here!

Remove-It All is the most effective way to clean colors from the skin. Pour the liquid onto a cloth or paper towel then rub on the skin. You can also remove colors by reactivating them with alcohol and wiping away. 

Alcohol Colors should be used in a well ventilated space. 

Pair With

Create a beautiful and durable complexion by using ProColor Airbrush Foundations to perfectly match the skin tone after a tattoo has been covered.


RICINUS COMMUNIS SEED OIL, HYDROXYPROPYLCELLULOSE, SHELLAC, ROSIN, TALC, MICA, +/-: CI NO. 42090:2, 77007, 15850:1, 45380:3, 73360, 15880:1, 12085, 16035:1, 19140:1, 15985:1, 77742, 77891, 77491, 77492, 77499, (BLUE 1, ULTRAMARINES, RED 7, RED 21, RED 30, RED 34, RED 36, RED 40, YELLOW 5, YELLOW 6, MANGANESE VIOLET, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, IRON OXIDES

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