Glitz It Glitter Gel


Glitz It Glitter Gel is a dramatic mixture of our iridescent Opal Ice Glitter, in a smooth gel base that adheres to the skin and remains flexible after drying. This special glitter paste is ideal for use on the face, body, and in the hair. 

This glamorous concoction can be applied sheer for body shimmer that sparkles in the light or layered for intense glitz and glamour. While the product is still wet, it can be formed and blended for precise application. The brilliant dazzle in this pot makes it the perfect glitter resource for performance, body art, drag, editorial, fashion, and stage makeup artists.

GG-1 – 28gm./1oz. Expect 10-30 applications.


Apply gel directly to the skin using a synthetic brush, sponge, or fingertips. Allow product to dry between layers to build up opacity. 

To apply into the hair, use a flat brush to paint product into hair, and comb the gel through the hair. 

For easy removal, use Hydra Cleanse or warm soapy water.

Pair With

Try creating your own custom shade by adding various Sparkler Glitters of your choice and mixing thoroughly. Extra loose glitters can also be applied on top of the Glitz It Gel while it is still tacky.

  • Halloween Halloween
  • Fashion/Editorial Fashion/Editorial
  • Bodypaint Bodypaint
  • Drag Drag
  • Cosplay Cosplay