Lip Gloss Wheel


The Lip Gloss Wheel is an assortment of 6 of our most popular lip gloss shades in a convenient wheel that fits in the palm of your hand. 

Create luscious lip designs with our succulent gloss formula that is packed with sheer colors that can layer to build opacity. Apricot Glaze and Gold Glaze are packed with microfine sparkle pigments that create dazzling textures for the lips. Natural, Nude, Bubblegum, and Cherry Baby contain no sparkle but provide succulent glossing effects for the lips. 

The kit friendly design of this wheel makes it a perfect option for any working makeup artists, especially those in the bridal, beauty, fashion, editorial, and film makeup industry.

LGW – 26.6gm./0.94oz. Expect 20-50 applications per shade.


Apply these glosses to the center of the lips and blend outward using a lip brush, or doe-foot applicator. You can combine two or more shades together for customized gloss tones using a spatula and mixing palette. 

For a lip stain effect, apply and dab away excess product, repeating until desired level of tone is achieved.

Pair With

For an expertly prepared selection of colors and lip textures, pair our Lip Gloss Wheel with our All-For-One Lip Palette. For lips that shine brighter than the rest, mix our Lip Glosses with our Lumière Luxe Powders for pearlescent, shimmering lips designs.

  • Fashion/Editorial Fashion/Editorial
  • Bridal Bridal
  • Drag Drag
  • Education Education