Theatrical Cake Kit


Theatrical Cake Kits come fully stocked with a broad range of our iconic theatrical makeup essentials. 

Kits feature a range of our water activated Color Cake Foundations, water activated colors, powder blush, shadow, and creme colors essential for beauty and FX makeup. The included lip and eyebrow pencils allow performers to define the features to their face. Accent character makeup with the included Hair Color, Nose & Scar Wax, and Dark Blood. 

The well-rounded selection of products in the Theatrical Cake Kits make them a great value for any performer or actor that prefers our self-setting Color Cake foundations, and MagiCake colors. Available in three distinct shade options.


Lather Color Cake and MagiCake colors with a wet brush or sponge until a creamy consistency is achieved. While the colors are wet, apply foundations with the Hydra Sponge and allow colors to dry. Buff lightly into the skin with a powder puff or dry Hydra Sponge for a softer finish. 

For strong line details, apply MagiCake colors with the included Flat Brushes. Apply contour shades to the depths of the cheekbones and around the perimeter of the face. Apply blush shades to the apples of the cheeks and blend softly outward. Define the lips and eyebrows with the included lip and eyebrow pencils.

Create aging effects by utilizing the highlight and contour cremes, and by combing the Hair Color through the hair with a mascara wand. Provide special effects to character makeups with the creme Bruise and Abrasion Wheel, and Dark Blood. Set Creme Colors with the powder provided.

Pair With

To enhance the durability of the Color Cake and MagiCake colors, activate the cake products with LiquiSet. To expand the range of available water activated colors, pair the Theatrical Cake Kits with your choice of our Master, FX, Fantasy, and Creature MagiCake Palettes.

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