Lumière Grande Colour Palette (LUK-12)


The Lumière Grande Colour Palette features 12 diverse and highly pigmented pressed Lumière shadows that are perfect for creating a spectrum of dazzling designs for the eyes, face, and body. With the full spectrum of the rainbow in one stunning palette, no makeup design is off limits.

This classic metal palette features individually refillable colors, making it an efficient and kit friendly resource for artists. The range of earthy neutral shimmers, and vibrant jewel toned colors make this palette ideal for use by bridal, glamour, theatrical, editorial, fashion, drag, and fantasy makeup artists. 

LUK-12 – 43.2gm./1.5oz. Expect 50-100 applications per shade.


Apply to the skin with a brush or foam applicator.

Use our Fine Detail Brushes (FDB) to apply these shadows to the eyes, and lips. To utilize these shades as highlighters, blushes, and bronzers, apply colors to the cheekbones and peaks of the face with our Rouge Brushes (RB) or Powder Application (PA) brushes. For a metallic effect, dampen your brush with LiquiSet.

Gently wipe off makeup with Hydra Cleanse or warm soapy water.

Pair With

For increased luminosity and unbeatable glimmering accents, pair this palette with our 12-color Lumière Creme Palette. Set Lumière Cremes with your choice of Lumière Grande Colour to enhance the brilliance and set the makeup.  

  • Fashion/Editorial Fashion/Editorial
  • Drag Drag